detox rituals

You know how sometimes you get really natural high, really giddy and the next second you can go really grumpy and miserable? Like one second you wanna laugh and roll on the floor and the next second you want to cry hugging the toilet bowl?

Yeah, you get what I mean? I sort of get that all the time.

And maybe you’re not a freak like me (but I would still love to consider myself a relatively chic freak) you must have one or two nerve-calming treats down your sleeves. Perfect for nerve-soothing or just for a chilled weekend.

Why is December in England so miserable and cold? My housemate was asking me with a weird expression and asked me if I’m having a dinner party tonight.

“No” I said, chopping sweet potatoes, “Why?”

“Because whenever I see you today, you’re in the kitchen.”

D-uh, lets talk about weather. Doesn’t the cold make you wanna binge eat and stuff yourself? No? You’re weird if you’re not…

I’m not usually a grumpy child, but a big good cup of warm lemon water with honey does wonders especially in the winter. Drink it empty stomach, wait for 30 mins before you have a hearty breakfast. Nowadays I always have plain greek yogurt with a dash of dried fruits and oatmeal. yum. and if I feel like I want something big, throw in a sunny-side up egg on toast with a pinch of salt. Don’t skip breakfast, people who don’t eat breakfast gets grumpy easily.

I always have my iPod with me, I must say my music taste is probably a bit different from Jamie’s, I realize like majority of my songs are either Korean songs which I probably don’t understand and Soundtracks. But invest in some good music will carry you a long way. Here are some of my favourites these few months:

Adele – Someone Like You

I have a feeling like “Someone Like You” can get a bit overrated in a sense that EVERYBODY loves it. But no its not overrated, its SO GOOD everytime i listen to it it gives me goosebumps, I wonder what other songs in the future will give me these kind of feelings.

Wonder Girls (Yisun & Yeeun) – When You Believe (Prince of Egypt OST) (This cover is AMAZING please listen)

Actually got too much songs on my list I don’t think I can manage it. But another detox ritual I always do is just do random websurfs – Pinterest is my vice.

Or, just daydream!
What’s the next restaurant you want to go to try out? Which country you want to go visit? Any exciting new sports you haven’t dared trying out you want to do? DO IT. Don’t think too much, just do it. You’ll be amazed how much you can get out of it. It sounds simple, you may think its hard, but its not. Get your arse moving and do it, simple as that!

For me, I’m really looking forward to spending sometime to do some travelling in Europe. Would love to visit the Scandinavian countries again, especially Sweden and Denmark. Need to go to Norway to see the beautiful fjords too.

to be honest, this post is probably meaningless, but its good to blab about something on this miserable Sunday (ugh hate raining) BUT I’m flying home tomorrow for CHRISTMAS!! Shoooo excited 😀 I’m getting my graduation photo taken (though missed my graduation ceremony already) – but 2 weeks at home shall be blissful and full of blessings. Thanks the Lord for everything!

Wish you all a good holiday too. I’ve been stuck on the same journal whole day and really should get going.



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