Fresh start, fresh ideas, fresh out da oven

Hello, welcome to our salon! A place to catch up, discuss ideas, cool things we’ve read, seen, dreamed about, wish for. If only could be a real place!– like our above photo of our ladies’ tea party from the summer of 2011 in Hong Kong.

I’ve just spent this Sunday hung over, so haven’t done much in the way of literary anything. It’s not a day for visuals… instead, I’ve done something I haven’t in a long time — put some soul-lifting, foot-shifting music on, and put it on loud to infuse my room with good vibes.

Today’s soul cure was a Motown playlist, starting with Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman”. Low-key, groovy, funky, happy.

iTunes’ Genius button whizzed up a great list following with James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, John Legend and Amy Winehouse — whose beautiful, poignant song “Wake Up Alone” is spinning over and over in my head, and will probably continue to do so for the next week.

Later tonight I’ll be catching the tube northwards to my boy’s place, where a varied playlist of music streams endlessly from his laptop. He’s also teaching me how to play guitar.. so hopefully soon I’ll be able not just to revel in music but to make some, too.

Enjoy the links above for some easy Sunday listening.

J x


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