A little of gourmet groovin’


Hope you all had a good week. I’m back in Hong Kong my uber-cool hometown for 2 weeks of Christmas holidays! Feels so good to be back. Can’t imagine 2 months ago I was sort of dying to leave this place after being stuck here for uni for 4 years, good ol’ England is good, but nothing beats home I guess.

I probably didn’t mention (or did I?) I’m sort of into cooking and baking now. My passionate love for food has always been known amongst family and friends and my classic facial expression is often seen when I’m nibbling on my favourite chicken wings (Grandma style is SHO GOOD) So I would be really happy if anyone likes to drop by, share recipes and tips and stuff.

There are a few websites that I can’t live without now:

BBC Goodfood – This website has so many different recipes that I can actually cook everyday not repeating the menu! Of course, that’s if I have plenty of time to spare, afterall I’m a busy postgrad student. D-UH!

Speaking of which, being a amateur cook who only picked up the joy of cooking last summer, I swear by this New York Cheesecake recipe. The first time I made it was for my Dad’s 60th birthday, been making these on and off for 4 or 5 times now so I would like to say I’m getting the hang of it and so far feed back had been good.

Also, tried out some fruit swirl variations, such as Annie’s Eats Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcake – petit but just the right size for girls. I made this yesterday night to bring to my galfriend’s birthday dinner tonight

I should post a photo of my version later – didn’t have time to go and buy raspberry in the market so substituted with some cranberry sauce, still good!

Tasty Kitchen – creative, simple and good recipes!

Pinterest – Literally, I think I can’t live without this website. I found so many amazing recipes and websites through this, its such an information-rich platform. And on a tiny side note, I created an Inspiration Clipboard album from the photos I collected on the website for my facebook, and I love it, my friends love it. Who says one can’t dream big?

Noble Pig – There are probably a few other websites that I always go to, but can’t remember on the top of my mind. I just came across this website a few days ago. Its the website of a vineyard in the U.S. and offers a great range of creative menus, good for health and good for a smile 🙂

And if you can’t tell from the posts so far, I’m Chinese. So getting home food ingredients here is not that easy. No offense, but it’s not like Tesco can stock up the most authentic cooking ingredients you use at home, and sometimes the kind of veg or meat you get at home are just not available here. Cultural difference eh?

For those who want to try out Chinese style cooking (and I believe you really can do it even if you’re not Chinese!) – the most important thing is to buy the RIGHT ingredients! Living on my own overseas now does wonders in improving one’s cooking skills, not to say its like finger-lickin’ good, but its OK-standard by modern day 20s year olds standards.

I really should write something on Chinese cooking or casual home-style Canto food sometime.

Anyways, so obviously this is just another blabbing post. My co-blogger Jamie is obviously so busy enjoying her Londres life with the art scene and le boyf but I think she’ll come around soon, maybe this coming weekend? I have two 4,000 words essays to write and one exam to prepare, need to do quite a bit of cramming, all due in 3 weeks. GO GO POWER RANGER.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to have fun too!

I have sooooo many homefood on my bucket list that I wanna eat. So far, chinese congee and deep fried dough – checked, chinese style sweet soup – checked, seafood (LOBSTERS OMG) – checked. Going to yum cha with grandparents later! And need to do shopping, and sushi, and take graduation photos! (Yeah, I probably didn’t mention I’m a freshgrad from uni… but doing postgrad in England so I missed my graduation ceremony, SHAME)

The fact is, I’m still jetlagged, just got off the plane like 2 days ago, so I’m probably quite delirious while writing this. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it (if there’s anyone reading), at least I enjoyed writing it.

P.S. got something VERY EXCITING coming up in January 2012, will be commuting to London quite frequently. Will keep you posted.

P.P.S  – Flight booked to Prague in late January too. Talk about winter romance 🙂 Shame i’m not going with a boyf.

Until then,



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