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Sources: The Freedom Experiment,, pinterest


Tell me, how many “what ifs” have you thought of over the past weeks, or months, or years? What if I didn’t buy that red jacket I love, what if I actually turned down an important reunion, what if I actually went on that long-dreamed holiday instead of hanging back in town for some now-hideous reasons.

The fact is, we always find ourselves regretting, looking backwards because we always make, probably not wrong exactly, but regrettable decisions. I recently came across a really interesting blog, called The Freedom Experiment, which gives you a lot of ideas how to liberate yourself from some of the constraints most of us face in life, big or small.

The most frequently asked, and most dreaded question, I came across these few years is “What do you want to do after you graduate?”. Some people have very clear goals set along their way, but I don’t, that’s probably why I’m freaking out 24/7. Although I’m a freshgrad out of law school, doing a masters in England, and most people may say you do have a bright promising future, my heart often sinks thinking about it. The future will be promising maybe in material terms, good money, good comfort, comfortable life.

But if you don’t love it, what is so promising about it? Afterall, life is short, and aren’t we all suppose to live everyday not regretting? I’m not so sure whether I’ve been doing it right all along.

What is your dream?

This is probably one of the most nostalgic questions on Earth, because it always gives me a giddy smile when I think about it. I’m really envious of those who know what they want to do and really go for it. I think I’m still searching what I really want to do for the rest of my life, but I’m pretty certain I don’t want to compromise myself into doing a job I don’t enjoy doing, even if it means good money good car good flat. I hope I can remain doing that way.

To put it short, maybe my dream(s) is/are this. I love all creative things, and have a big heart for art and culture, so maybe something to do with these is a good start. I’m a travel maniac, I enjoy the thrill visiting or living in a strange new place brings me, so I actually thought of being a travel journalist (this idea still stuck in my mind). I love to write, so I want to keep up writing in my spare time and not to give up easily. The last sounds real cheesy, but I feel that humanitarian virtues is losing to commercial values and profits, and its doing us no good. I want to change it, or at least raise awareness, from my hometown first.

The next question is probably, how to do it?

I came across this TED talk a few weeks ago, about how to change your habit (or for the talk’s perspective, trying something new) in 30 days. You probably encounter the same problem as I do, I always have so many ideas on my mind, but I just couldn’t find the time, energy, or money to do it. So i put it on my to-do list and say, “OK, I’ll do it when I have time, energy and money”. And you know what? You’ll never find a perfect timing, so your to-do list most probably end up in the back of your drawer, long forgotten.

All you need is to put your thoughts into action. DO IT NOW.

Check it out: Matt Cutts – Try Something new for 30 days

The Freedom Experiment had a good article that sort of sums up how you can keep up with the stamina, and really get things done. Click How to make a dream come true in 30 days

I think one of the quote the author put in the post pretty much sums it all up:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.  – Proverb

So I sort of made up a list of things I want to complete or challenges I want to do:

  • Finish 4 books in 30 days
  • Complete a novel in 30 days (Missed the NaNoWriMo completely, but who says I can’t do a mini challenge on my own?)
  • Plan a trip abroad in 30 days
  • can’t think of more right now

p.s. I did something quite fun another day. Came across this cute pic on Pinterest and decided to put one up in our neighbourhood bus stop. I drew out the exact same note as above and posted it at the Robinson Road busstop. So if you happen to be in Hong Kong 2 days ago and happen to live near Robinson Road, you might spot this.

Life can be fun if you want it to be.

Until then,



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