Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hello! It’s been a while, I hope all of you are well out there. The English weather is getting really cold and I’m always freezing in my room despite the heater is full on. Just finished my exams and essays few days ago so been spending some time catching up on rest and making plans, plans, plans.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (I’m really quite a thinker, but need to work on putting thoughts into action) – a lot of people around me (definitely including myself) are reaching a crossroad in life, where, we sort of don’t know where it’s going. Don’t get me wrong, most of us are more than competent, but I suspect a lot of us don’t really give ourselves time to think and plan of what we really love. It is particularly true in my social circle (or on a broader sense, our whole community), when we have material wealth that hunger, shelter and poverty is not a concern, we are taking a lot of things for granted.

People mistakes what they ought to do with what they should do.

This big dilemma has been going on and on for me and I had a hard time struggling to find the way. I don’t dare say I found out the answer, but I think I’m getting there. I think, to live a life that you would LOVE but not one that you’re olbiged to live just because you are capable, requires just that tiny extra dose of courage (and maybe craziness) that a lot of people don’t dare taking out. But when you boil it down, everything just comes down to 6 things:

1) Imagine

2) Think

3) Plan

4) Execute

5) Reflect

6) And Off Again!

Right, so actually I haven’t got to my point. My point is, if you want to make something happen, put your thinking and planning into action. I posted awhile ago mentioning I’m taking up something new this month, which pretty much sums up my point.

I always had an interest in Art, love drawing and visiting museums and galleries, so I was talking to some friends one day and they mentioned going to Art classes. I used to draw all the time before I went into Uni, I remember clearly I was thinking back 2 months ago, “why did I stop doing something I love?” So I googled “Art course” and “London”, because I think studying something new in this brilliant city will just make me bubble. So I found out Sotheby’s Institute offers a broad range of short courses and their Art Law class really interests me, so I put it down on my plan, thought about it, persuaded my parents to let me take the course (I have to travel down to London every week to do that on top of my normal studies) and its not cheap for a student’s standard. But I’m loving my decision and I think no matter what happens, I definitely wouldn’t regret it. Maybe that inner crazy woman of me did the magic.

Apart from this, my lovely parents are coming over to visit in two days for Chinese New Year and we’re flying out to Switzerland to ski in the Alps. We’ll be staying in Wengen, I simply can’t wait to be back on the mountain! After that I’ll be heading to Prague for a weekend, I’ve been to this beautiful city once  maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I can’t wait to go back! Oh and I’m going to Dublin and Edinburgh in mid February! Hopefully will organize some more short trips for Easter! (and Oh joys of essays again)

I realise I’m really bad at explaining my train of thoughts, so sorry if you’re lost somewhere! I’ll promise to improve! Stay tuned and I’ll let you know what happened in my trips!

Until then




Can you understand what this means? It’s my language I use when I’m stressed.
Holiday finished, back to reality, deadlines next week and I still have 2 essays to write and 1 exam to revise, OH-MY-GOD.

But still at this desperate time I would love to share with you something joyful.
Wait no, I want you to guess.

1) Something to do with London
2) Something to do with art
3) Something to do with what I do now (and if you don’t know, ask!)

You know, if you don’t break out of your comfort zone, you will never know how many other things you can do.
If you stick to your normal routines, you won’t change.

I recently heard from somewhere that our lives is a mere period of 900 months. If you put them down on a 30×30 grid, you’re ticking 1 off very soon. These few weeks I’ve been reminded of how precious our life and time is, so don’t waste it on something you don’t LOVE.

Don’t compromise; don’t settle; keep searching.

I will let you know what I’m actually doing when I start it in late January. Meanwhile wouldn’t it be exciting to know that I’m going to Portugal and Prague soon?!

Lastly just to share with you a Bible quote that I love (and it’s OK if you’re not religious, its just a really beautiful verse)

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path – Psalms 119:105


peace out & stay young.