Colour, colour, more, more!

More colourful interiors coming at ya, by way of incredible Venetian glass art. Several weeks ago I popped into the Halcyon Gallery on New Bond Street. They have been exhibiting the famously sinewy, raw and wild organic glass art of the artist Dale Chihuly (and will be, until the end of March). You all know Chihuly even if you don’t recognise the weird name — most famously his twisty, spiky and wriggling green and blue glass chandelier hangs precariously from the high ceiling of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

At the Halcyon, the works on show were more organic. The glass works looked like every variety of coral under the deep blue sea, and you felt like a little fish dipping in and among these diaphanous forms that seemed to sway, sigh and float gelatinously – so unlike its shattering glass properties!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Step out of the snappy cold weather and into the Halcyon… you’ll feel like you;re in the exotic Tropics, and get your winter colour therapy. Or, just have a swim through the above slideshow…


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