Tis all bout juggling babeah

Just a quick shout to say that I’m very happy my buddy is back here!

So it was quite a while ago since my last update. Why? I’ve literally been a jetsetter hopping all over the places, not that I’m complaining though.
The last two weeks of January was packed with classes and travelling, parents was here for Chinese New Year so we all flew out to Switzerland to ski in the Alps, stayed in Wengen where you can see the Jungfrauyoch which is amazing (further update follows). Literally DASHED from Birmingham Int’l Airport back to Uni to catch class before hopping down to London Stansted 2 days later to fly out to Prague for a weekend (another update shall follow). I also started my Art Law class at Sotheby’s Institute, which is rather fascinating. To top it off, life has been… somewhat different in a certain aspect, which I guess should remain unspoken until i really figure it out…

I feel like I didn’t have time to catch my breath but I’m happy that way.

promise will update, but catch up on beauty sleep is of cardinal importance

Until then


  1. Intriguing; I’ll give you time to mull over how to shape it into words. Meanwhile, maybe a day-in-the-life photo slideshow would help to piece together your new, constantly changing and exciting life. (Do you have an iPhone? Or other camera phone to take sly snapshots in-class, out on the streets, etc?)
    Art law at Sotheby’s Institute — what a great transition and interesting course! I wanna know more.

    • Babes! I hope you’re feeling better and recovering from winter flu? The weather is actually a bit warmer now which is a pleasant change. I can’t wait for spring/summer to come. I was in Dublin and Edinburgh for the long weekend and got plenty to update about life, when can we meet? Sotheby’s class was fun, now I really want to find sometime to work in London!

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