Optical Optimism



So I’ve been feeling down lately. The weather is springing up but let’s face it, we’re within the last few inches of winter and are coming out the other end pretty ragged and worn out by the dark and cold; the grays, blacks and dark-blues. This winter is also the season I’ve just spent settling into my first 6 months of a new first job, and while I’ve adjusted to many new tasks and peculiarities of office life, there are many more that keep challenging me… and, especially, my self-confidence.

I got home this Friday night and sunk into my bed in the fetal position. The only thing that could get me up was the thought of baking — no, not ’cause I wanted to depressingly dunk my face into sweets. Just the act of baking — of transforming simple ingredients into a lovely, beautiful and enjoyable treat — is so therapeutic.

I didn’t get around to it as I didn’t have enough of the ingredients at home, so I indulged in my addiction — googling recipes online to discover new ideas. I started with this rainbow cake. How ridiculously, screamingly optimistic is that?! I’m seriously considering making this for a friend’s birthday soon. Oh, there’s also tie-dye version, which is like the Ben&Jerry’s to the above photo’s Martha Stewart:


Just wanted to put this up as I’ve been oddly lingering over it for a heinous amount of time. It’s 2:30am and I should hop into bed as I’m selling cakes tomorrow at Sloane Square maret — my weekly gig on behalf of my friend’s independent cake company. 

I’ll report from the field, with snapshots, tomorrow as I sell (and occasionally nibble) my way to some extra pocket money (see Jane’s post, below). Spring’s arrival means SAVE UP — you’re gonna need it for good stuff to look forward to: a steady supply of Pimm’s, picnic bounty, a breezy dress, new swimsuit (a girl never has enough, no matter how many she buys EVERY summer), and holiday travel… many reasons to be optimistic.


Links to the cakes:

Top, http://www.incrediblethings.com/art-design/rainbow-cake/ 

Bottom, http://cake-decorating.lovetoknow.com/cake-decorating-techniques/tie-dye-birthday-cakes



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