Film Camera: Ditch the DSLR and Back to Basics

Photo courtesy of my sister J who took this while she was in Copenhagen, Denmark in January 2012

DSLR gets a bit overrated these days. Expensive camera and lens are purchased yet I doubt a lot of the owners actually know how to operate them. My sister sent me a set of film pictures she developed recently after her trip to Denmark, and its so lovely.

It’s a habit of us both to sit in the living room and go through books after books of photo albums of our family archive during holiday. The colour on films might have washed out with time, but the vivid bursting colours and sensations remains. This prompted me to think: “Maybe sometimes the simpler the better – I will just use one of those disposable camera on my next trip!”

Easter holiday had started, I’ve been a good girl so far, getting started on my essays. Found some cheap tickets so will be heading to Amsterdam for 3 days (in time to catch the flower show in Keukenhof!) and then skiing in France for a week. Updates might be slow but I assure you a good quality photo/travel post will be up soon!

Why is it still so cold in March? Bring it on, Spring!

Until then,



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