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Great things are done by a series of small things put together
– Vincent van Gogh

It’s official.
I’m in love with Amsterdam. I love their canals, the flowers, the people, the pancakes, the bike-jam, the coffeehuis, the breezes and the sun. In fact, I’m in love with so many different places, I believe everytime you visit a foreign place, whether its your first time there or revisit, you just see their different beauties all over again.
Thank God for let me opening my eyes.

So let me share a bit of my love with you. And I do encourage you, if you’ve never been to this city, buy your ticket, pack your bag, and GO.
If you’ve been, well, buy your ticket, pack your bag, and GO AGAIN.

For me, there’s no better time to travel than now. There’s just 24 hours a day and 7 days a week you’ve got there. There’s so much on your plate and you don’t know how to strike the balance, but sometimes taking a chance and leap forward is fun, try it for a short weekend, you’ll be much energized.


Heavens like this. EVERYWHERE.
How can one resist?

I was like a hungry slave liberated (a bit exaggerating, but yo gat watcha mean?)

One good thing about visiting the city in late March is that it is not swamped with tourists with the opening of the tulip season, but you can still manage to catch some glimpse of the warm Nordic sun if you manage. P and I were particularly lucky during our stay.

Amsterdam is one of those what I call “multi-purpose” cities. One full of activities from one extreme to another, a full rainbow spectrum of amazements that takes you by surprise. You want a chilled weekend by the canals? Sure do. Or you wanna party hard? No problem as well.

I’m quite a trekker when it comes to travelling. I’m probably the laziest person you’ll know but when I’m abroad, I walk hardcore. In fact, I figured walking and people watching/stalking is my favourite. and Amsterdam is an AMAZING city for you to people watch/stalk.

You think I’m joking?
Naw, I’m serious.

If you have an afternoon to spare during your trip, or you’re just not up for hardcore stuff, people watching on Prinsengracht will be on my top list of recommendations.

Prinsengracht is one of the may canals that links up the unique beauty of Amsterdam. It is one of the three main canals that are located in the heart of the City, you wouldn’t miss it, its pretty much like Central or Causeway bay in Hong Kong, or Convent Garden in London (figuratively).

One thing that’s really quirky and cool about Amsterdam is, things that seems odd when you do it in other places (like Hong Kong) looks extremely normal here.
Quite a cultural difference (shock) for me.

People ride bikes, whether they’re rich or working class, whether they are wearing expensive suits, extravagant heels or just converse and jeans;
People socialize with their neighbours, greet with friendly smiles but not cold nods;
People know how the work-life balance, a bunch of real estate agents sipping away a champagne afternoon tea tells me;
People know how to enjoy life, whether a simple read on the canal bank, or a relaxing cruise with a bunch of friends and several beers.

To the stranger reader, I hope I did not offend you by sneaking a picture here.

If you’re visiting between March and May, you musn’t miss out the Keukenhof Flower show. It’s definitely one of the must-sees if you go to Amsterdam, think Lavender of Provence or the floral fields in Hokkaido, Japan.

Stay tuned for the Keukenhof flower show and Amsterdam’s best afternoon tea!  (Yea i know I’ve been hanging there in the mid-air for wayyyy too long!)