Bonjour, we’re Jane L. and Jamie P.

We’re two friends who met each other when they’re 4, grew up in different countries and places for years and life now brings them together back in the UK. One is working one is studying, but our love for good food and a good life doesn’t stop us from appreciating every single day of life we’re going through.

Sharing with you a glimpse of our lives here in England. Whats the apple of your eyes?


About Jane

J.T.L/born in the year of Snake/Chinese name literally means “the gift of heaven“/but my parents aren’t Christian/but I am/which is quite a lovely plan/currently doing a masters in Law in the UK/born in Vancouver, raised in HK, studied in the UK, then went back to HK, and now back in UK again/loves her family and friends, all kind of movies or drama soundtracks, major travelling maniac, hardcore skier (wannabe), shopping, reading (magazines)(or inspiring materials), korean dramas (getting over those now), daydreaming, eating (meat lover), to make new friends, to build friendships, to talk, to laugh, to dream/ (trying to) live every second like there’s no tomorrow/quite emotional at times/a great friend/ trying to go on a healthy diet/making progress/believes that God has the best plan for her/ learning to be more faithful everyday/:)

About Jamie

[Jane: Jamie’s an AWESOME girl, but let her write her own shit ;)]

Contact us at if you have any questions, comments, or just drop a HI to us!

The Js


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