Today is my second day in bed, rather than at the office. Why? Because before winter completely makes it way out, it wanted to gift me a bad cold virus. I’ve been sniffling, sneezing, coughing and aching all over; what could be sexier on Valentine’s Day?!

V is for… virus, winter’s Vendetta (it’s February — there is no love, none whatsoever, anymore for frosty  weather time), and today… Valentine’s.

A perfect excuse to get all crafty and cute. Naturally, my first destination is foodgawker: — for a photo gallery of all the heart-shaped treats people around the world are making. Since I’m having dinner made for me tonight I think I should bust some out too.. but what? I’ve got this little heart-shaped scone cutter…

Inspiration strikes – I think it’s got to be red velvet brownies with a swirled cream cheese frosting — like this (below), but cut into heart shapes..


Wait. I’m making this for a boy, so… kill the heart shapes, before someone gags and chokes to death!

Holidays are such a great excuse to bake something… especially since holidays have specific colours associated with them. Can’t wait til Easter, now. That is, if it will ever come… winter is just dragging on, and taking me down with it!