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2013-02-02 17.03.13

Coffee Assembly, Elgin Street SoHo, Hong Kong. iPhone5/instagram

Hi guys! I’ve missed you!

Sorry we’ve been super bad at updating the blog, so much went on these few months.
I (Jane) completed my Masters and went home, job hunt and started a job while Jamie went through some really exciting changes, hopefully she’ll return to Asia at some point so our duo can unite and maybe do something to bring this blog forward to something more exciting 🙂

Anyways, I do realize I have a huge debt of travel blogs to repay.
I’m a huge slacker and usually the longer I drag the less I remember, so note to self is next time whenever I have an idea I shall tie myself down in front of the computer and just type the HELL out of it.

Anyways, I hope I’ll be good and do the blogging at least once every other week.
So much is going on in Hong Kong, I’ve been to several new places that I’m desperate to share with y’all!

So, stay tuned.

Until then,

P.S. Can you believe its March this coming Friday? 2£$£%$&%£$@$ AHHHHHH



July 2012

I’ve always had a strange attachment to Scandinavian things. IKEA, Norwegian and Swedish prints and patterns, salmon, northern lights, forests, snowy mountains, reindeers (?). Yea, you might think, such a strange child. But it is not an exaggeration when I say hitting the Scandinavian soil is one of my dreams.

I was always teased by friends saying I’m a full-time traveller rather than a full-time student. Although it may not be something I should be proud of, as I really should stay focused when I study, I’m proud of all the lands i’ve walked on, all the seas i’ve sailed. There is an old Chinese saying that speaks my heart:

Better to walk a ten thousand miles than to read a ten thousand books (讀萬卷書不如行萬里路)

I may not be rich in academic knowledge, but the wealth I gained from seeing the world is priceless and unique. And i’m forever grateful for all those opportunities.

My travel buddy H. is my friend from Uni back in HK. In fact I just joined a few legs of their Grand Europe Tour in June. She’s my fellow avid traveller, trusted friend and loving sister in Christ. Our idea for this was really random. She wanted to stay around for a bit after Grand Europe Tour, opened the map and the first thing that came into her sight was Norway. I always wanted to go to Norway so when she suggested the trip I jumped at the opportunity.

Scandinavian countries are known for their extremely high living standards (hence extremely expensive for travellers). We shopped all the foodstuff we need at Tesco’s and stuffed them all into our backpacks. So thankful for this decision when we later find out that you need to pay around HKD110 for a McDonalds meal.

We toured with Norway In A Nutshell. Our journey starts from Oslo, touring through the Norwegian highlands, stopping at the beautiful town of Flåm for 2 days, then landing at the beautiful coastal city of Bergen.

The Journey Begins…

The non-stop journey from Oslo to Bergen takes around 7 to 8 hours. We were dozing off on the train but suddenly jumped to consciousness when we realized there was a vast stretch of white outside our window. Bare in mind it was July, and though I know some mountain ranges remained snowy all seasons, it still shocked me to infinity and beyond.

Finse – We seized the 5 minute station stop to jump outside. It was so quite, so quite that I think you can hear it if a needle drops. The chilly wind was blowing, and we saw some people hiking up the snowy mountains. The view was spectacular. I was cold but my heart was on fire.

H and I 🙂

Mydral – Getting off to transfer to the Bergen Railway to the Flåm Railway

Note to self: time to lose some weight, really.

Flåm Railway is one of the highlights of this Nutshell tour which you can’t miss. Connecting the mountain stop of Mydral and the town of Flåm, it is one of the steepest railway in the world. It brings us to see the spectacular waterfalls, breathtaking mountain views and glimpse of the majestic Aurlandfjord.

I wonder if heaven looks like this?

Flåm is situated at the bottom of the valley, against the backdrop of the majestic mountains and Aurlandfjord. Sitting against the natural canvas behind, Flåm is one of the hidden Norwegian jewels you must explore.

The weather in July wasn’t that stable, alternates between pouring rain, drizzles or bright sunshine. So a light water-proof jacket is definitel recommended. H and I stayed at a camping site and we found out many families drive with their caravans and camp out there. It was quite an interesting scene to see many couples and families chilling out on the greens with their camp chair and coffee in hand.

Since we arrived in Flåm in the afternoon, we decided to just take it easy for the day and chill out in the area. As typical Hong Kong girls (?), we take tons of pictures of every single spot we visited……

me screaming with heart-shaped eyes: BABIEEEESSSSSS!!!! (and how cute they are, striking a pose for us)

Reminiscing our favourite childhood activities

My inner happy child released.

Blogging always takes longer than I expected, because there’s so much I want to share with you all!

Follow the blog for our further adventures of majestic Fjord hikes, colourful city of Bergen and numerous jump-shots!

Until then,



Can you understand what this means? It’s my language I use when I’m stressed.
Holiday finished, back to reality, deadlines next week and I still have 2 essays to write and 1 exam to revise, OH-MY-GOD.

But still at this desperate time I would love to share with you something joyful.
Wait no, I want you to guess.

1) Something to do with London
2) Something to do with art
3) Something to do with what I do now (and if you don’t know, ask!)

You know, if you don’t break out of your comfort zone, you will never know how many other things you can do.
If you stick to your normal routines, you won’t change.

I recently heard from somewhere that our lives is a mere period of 900 months. If you put them down on a 30×30 grid, you’re ticking 1 off very soon. These few weeks I’ve been reminded of how precious our life and time is, so don’t waste it on something you don’t LOVE.

Don’t compromise; don’t settle; keep searching.

I will let you know what I’m actually doing when I start it in late January. Meanwhile wouldn’t it be exciting to know that I’m going to Portugal and Prague soon?!

Lastly just to share with you a Bible quote that I love (and it’s OK if you’re not religious, its just a really beautiful verse)

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path – Psalms 119:105


peace out & stay young.

I’m happy
Very happy indeed
I took tonsssss of graduation photos with friends
I did tons of jump photos and climbed the rooftop of my old school

(i hope my friends don’t mind me posting here, do let me know if you want me to take it down :p)
got myself a pair of dirty feet
sho satisfied
stuffed myself with heavenly Chinese food, Japanese food and homemade comfort food. NOM.
Went back to home church’s service feels SO GOOD
but still jetlag
Hong Kong is HOT compared to England
But rather enjoyable
I went shopping again
Got an amazing bag, hat and top OMG must show you
er what else was i gonna say?
Jamie’s coming home soon
She said she’s gonna update but didn’t (I sort of expected that) (Jokes Jamie, I love you.)
I got a reply from Marthe @ The Freedom Experiment, so excited
Er what else
OH – a slight update of the About page, you might wanna check it out
A picture of me will be BOOM in yo’ face
Forget it if you don’t want that
But I thought I looked quite nice in that locks of curls, swooning gown & black heels
Just so you know.

I love writing it this way.
Don’t you?
Time to dash.

Until then